Wade A. McNair, Psy.D.
Human Capital Strategist &
Organizational Psychologist






The ultimate test of practical leadership 
is the realization of intended, real change 
that meets people’s enduring needs. 
-James MacGregor Burns -


Client Comments & Feedback

"Your consulting and facilitiation for our first Strategy Planning Meeting for the OGBS (Office of Global Business Systems) is so much appreciated. You helped us set a firm foundation for continued growth and excellence. We couldn’t have done it without you!" 
- A. Garrick, Beckman Coulter Inc.

"Thank you! Few people make my almost perfect list for their contributions in "life changing things I learned from having known you" list. Your personality makes me laugh as much as it teaches me what I need to know to further grow and develop." 
- L. Fleisher, Wellpoint Inc.

"Thank you for your excellent work!" 
- L. Ziob, Microsoft Inc.

"Your ability to strike a balance between action and analysis is outstanding. It is a difficult path to tread, but you do so with strength and professionalism." 
- R. Smedley, Synergistic Resource Associates

"What else can I say... you're the man to get it done and done right!" 
- G. Cooper, Resolution Management Inc.

"A big thank you for the many things you’ve done and said...and for the Strengths Deployment Inventory. Having gone through tons of self diagnostic tests, many of them were somehow incomplete. The SDI is one I could really relate to and not limiting. Like you said, it provides the freedom for me to be me! Just had to let you know it was appreciated." 
- C. Davidson, Starbucks

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